Since moving away from London in 2004 and living on the Basingstoke Canal
I am strongly drawn to and influenced by the potential of water.
Living on water the change of weather feel much more an integral part of our life.
The canal is a never-ending source of wonder; the ponds between the locks
are stagnant pools that are sensitive to minute changes in light, wind climate and the seasons.
Photographing the motion of water or framing a small part of it,
the image becomes an abstraction, of something that exists only for the briefest of moments.
( series Fleeting Moments, Stille, Winterstille, Frozen, Icescape )

For the last two years I have been walking around the canal where I live, always in a circle,
covering the same stretch, slow paced. While walking I find images, momentary glimpses
on the verge of the canal, as the sun shines on the fragile plants revealing subtle lines and
unexpected colours restoring in me a sense of wonder. I admire the weeds for their resilience,
their unwillingness to be confined or controlled. This combination of strength and fragility resonates
with my own experience. The sensations of freedom, or displacement, and endurance
are reflected back at me in natural form.
I also like to photograph shapes and objects on the water. A beam of light transforms their appearance,
they look like sculptures, totally dependent on their mirrored image, disconnected from their environment,
only here for a brief moment.
Walking back home along the moorings I discover concealed traces of ignored or lost objects,
startling the eye, untouched and forgotten and transformed by time.

The fall of my steps echoes the rhythm of my thinking, my focused gaze triggers new thoughts,
memories and illusions, and clarifies disconnected ideas.
These are incorporated into my work as words projected back onto the page with the image.
Writing about the photographs helps to understand what is happening. I try to explore perception,
the interaction between the visible and the nonvisible.
This is why I feel the poetry alongside the images is important.
( see link to notebooks: Verge, Augenblick, Drifting, Beyond the fence )

Christiane Zschommler 2015